A tiny GIL-less python implementation (based on TinyPy), fully upgraded from C to C++11, and optimized for speed and portability to mobile platforms.

Download BlendotVR(RC1.8)(Linux)

>BlendotVR for Linux (RC1.8)
using BlenderXR based on Blender2.80

Download RC1.7 (Linux)
Download RC1.6 (Windows64x)

Fixes for RC 1.6
> reverted to older blender2.81 that is more stable.
> fixed blender crashing from thread in source/blender/editors/render/render_preview.c
> added support for shadow color

Windows 64x Version
Blendot-wings3d sync

Blendot Interface

Blendot Non-Destructive workflow
Blendot with Gimp and Krita

Blender XR

We also recommend supporting this guys