Our Approach

Our vision is to integrate all the best open source technologies to create the best game engine. The best game engine ever created.

Our primary platform is Linux.

Our Story

We are based in the Philippines, particularly in Sagada and Besao. Sagada and Besao are municipalities in landlocked Mountain Province, Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR). Hartsanthler, the CTO,  has been using Blender for 2 decades, he is also a skilled artist. The CTO is very innovative in making open-sourced software and makes it better based on demand. He has been working with several successful projects like The Matrix movie. Here are some of his stuff http://bundagan.blogspot.com/ ( if you want to check it out) The Project Manager is a teacher by profession, has experience in computer software and hardware troubleshooting (so I guess it is a good combination) We are open-sourced rebels who never stop thinking of things to innovate and integrate them in our product. Both founders are working very hard as of the moment to bring you what you want in the least expected way. We are rock stars in our own rights.

Meet the Team

Vacant Position-CEO( we are currently looking for the right guy to be one).

Founder/Chief Technical Officer

Python Expert, Environmental Advocate, 3js Expert, Proficient in Blender, Good Programmer and Pretty Good Artist

Founder/Blendot Project Manager

Teacher(Major in Biology), Part-Time Blogger, Certified Computer Hardware Technician, Hobby Level Enduro Motobike Rider, Environmental Advocate, and a Farmer